God’s Work and Ours

In Psalm 90, Moses meditates deeply on God’s work in the world, how He governs the flow of history while men come and go with the seasons like grass. We live for a few years, but God’s project dwarfs even the greatest efforts of man. In light of man’s small and short life, Moses asks God for wisdom to be given to men so that we may use our short time well, being satisfied with serving God and having His blessing on the work of our hands. As you come to worship this morning, come seeking wisdom and favor from the Lord, so that your life will be well-pleasing to the everlasting God.

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Save Us for Your Glory

Psalm 106 is a meditation on God’s mercy in remembering His covenant and saving His people in spite of their repeated forgetfulness and sin. The Psalmist cycles through Israel’s history, reminding people of periods on sin and the saviors that God raised up to intercede for the people like Moses and Phinehas. For the Psalmist, every time God forgives and saves, his desire to glorify and praise God increases. This is how God redeems our sin: He turns it into fuel for praise by way of forgiveness. This morning, come to worship ready to confess your sin and marvel at the forgiving grace of our covenant-keeping God. Let all the people say, “Amen! Praise the Lord!”

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Rule-keeping vs. Christlikeness

“Give a church a rule and you guide them for a day; teach a church to think and you guide them for life.”

N.T. Wright, Acts for Everyone, Part 2 (Louisville, WJK: 2008), 51.

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Tremble, O Earth

Psalm 114 picks up on the mighty miracles surrounding the Exodus, and calls on the earth itself to tremble in the presence of God. Compared to the strength of a man, mountains are unconquerable, but when God appears, the mountains jump like a startled goat. The profound encouragement for the people of God is that He will move heaven and earth for the sake of His chosen ones. If something as immovable as a mountain or as expansive as the sea quickly and fearfully obeys God, how much more can God’s power overcome the difficulties of your situation? Open your mouth wide as you come to worship today: God will squeeze water out of rocks for His thirsty saints.

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A Song and A Sword

Psalm 149 opens with a rousing exhortation to praise God with instruments, singing, and dancing that starts in the assemblies, and follows the gathered saints back home to their beds. In verse 6, the psalm shifts from presenting the saints as recipients of salvation to ministers of justice. God’s people are not just saved from something but to something. Through the non-carnal weapons of worship and faithful lives, the people of God bring judgment against the wicked, and they are seen as worthy of honor because of this work. As you come to worship today, glorify God with a song and a sword.

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The Lord on Our Side

Psalm 124 celebrates one of the greatest blessings of being God’s people: God is on our side, fighting for us, defending us, and saving us. David humbly blesses God, knowing that apart from His aid, we wouldn’t have survived. The help that God gives is not a nice add-on to make our lives easier; it is the difference between staying alive and being swept away by a flood of evil. Because God breaks the snares of the wicked, we can go free, and sing praises to His name. As you come to worship today, think back over the dangers and sins that God has rescued you from, and praise Him for being on our side.

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Good Like an Oily Beard

Psalm 133 opens with an arresting simile: living in unity is like anointing oil running down the beard. The oil that consecrates Aaron as a priest results in a connection between God and His people, and the unity between brothers demonstrates that their unity with God is overflowing into their lives as they become more like God towards each other. This is refreshing and sweet like dew on Mt. Zion, a fresh covering of mutual love when God’s people meet together to receive His blessing of life. As you come to worship today, remember that you are at peace with God through Christ, and extend that peace to your fellow Christians as you worship together in unity.

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