The Blessed Life

Psalm 128 is a rousing celebration of the blessings that God gives. In particular, these blessings that remind us of God’s kindness even after Adam’s fall. To the God-fearing man, God gives fruitful labor, and joy in it. He gives his wife children, and the family matures like wine and oil, becoming refined, cultured blessings by walking in God’s ways. God also pushes back the curse of death, giving long life and peace. As you come to worship, remember that sin and death are not God’s final word to man. Food, family, and a future all testify to the mercy and kindness of God.

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Search Me, O God

In Psalm 139, David delights in the fact that God has searched him and known him. In a time when our suspicions are raised about issues of personal privacy, we should remember that following God means being known intimately and completely, and that tremendous good comes about when God searches our hearts. Instead of the futility of trying to hide our thoughts from God, we should be like David and freely offer up our hearts to God. Today, as you come to worship, pray that God would search you and know you, and lead you in the way everlasting.

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Hearts that Lean Toward God

In Psalm 119:105-112, David celebrates the law as a light, as that which gives life, as that which keeps him safe, as his heritage, and as his joy. If this is what we truly believe about God’s word, then our worship today will be the highlight of our week.  God richly pours these gifts out on us as we sing the Word, hear the Word read and preached, as we pray the Word, and as we taste the Word in the Supper. David’s response to God’s kindness is to incline his heart to obedience, and may this be our response as well.

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Weird Volvo People

Volvos are weird. People are weird. Volvo people are, well, behold the following used car ad:


Which of course, caught Volvo’s attention, and they asked for this:


HT: 22 Words

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Pseudo-Clement on Rhetoric

The value of rhetoric in service of the truth:

Liberal learning has conferred upon me the power of orderly narration, and of stating those things clearly for which there is occasion.  And if we use learning in asserting the errors of antiquity, we ruin ourselves by gracefulness and smoothness of speech; but if we apply learning and grace of speech to the assertion of the truth, I think that not a little advantage is thereby gained.

ANF VIII, “The Recognitions of Clement”, xxv, pg. 84.

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Gotta Make Things Right

I thought that the subject behaved in a perfectly rational manner, and I don’t understand why my wife thought this was so funny.

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Don’t Believe Everything You Hear

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