Instrumental Praise

In Psalm 150, the Psalmist’s calls for instrumental praise are filled with echoes of the creation account in Genesis. God is to be praised in the expanse, and everything that has breath is called to praise God. After speaking something into being out of nothing, God refined His creation by separating, dividing, and fashioning, ultimately turning dust into man. Mankind imitates God by crafting instruments for praise from the things that God made, and we use these inventions to praise our Supreme Creator. As you come together to worship God, join your breath to the sounds of creation refracted through horns and strings. Praise the Lord!

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I Shall Not Die, But I Shall Live

Psalm 118 celebrates the steadfast love of the Lord, and when it is read on Easter Sunday, we are called to hear the middle section with the resurrection in our hearts. The right hand of the Lord does valiantly by bringing the Lord Jesus through death, so that death is not the final word. Instead of forever taking our praises to the grave in death, Christ’s death becomes for us the gates of righteousness, which those who have been made righteous in Christ enter through to give thanks to the Lord. The Lord has become our salvation, and His work is marvelous in our eyes. The day of resurrection becomes the day that the Lord has made for us to rejoice in and be glad, for we shall not die, but in Christ, we shall live.

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The Shadow of the Almighty

Psalm 91 celebrates the protection that God provides to His people. When you live in God’s house, you are under His care, and so His house becomes a refuge and a fortress, a place of safety and peace. Because you love God, and know His name, He promises to deliver you and to answer you when you call. God takes it upon Himself to make sure that no evil befalls you, since you trust in Him. As you come to worship today, you are placing yourself under God’s protection. When you look for His help, He promises to show you His salvation. You have taken refuge in the fortress of the Most High God, so come and worship without fear in the shadow of the Almighty!

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Worshiping A Holy God

The refrain of Psalm 99 focuses on the holiness of God, His awesome greatness that loves justice and righteousness. Our response to the majesty that we encounter at the holy mountain should be one of trembling, exalting, and worshiping this mighty King. But alongside this transcendent sense of awe is the truth that He is our God, the God of our fathers Moses, Aaron, and Samuel. God answered them, forgave them, and defended them, and in His glorious might, He will do the same for us. So as you come to worship today, stand amazed at the holy glory of God, and rejoice that He is the Lord your God.

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Water From Salvation’s Wells

Isaiah’s confidence in God’s salvation overflows in praise, as God is both his strength and his song. The prophet is eager that God’s fame be broadcast among the peoples with a lot of shouting and singing. What motivates this worship is that Israel’s holy God is great in their midst. This is the heart of Advent: God in our midst. This is why we’ve come to worship today. And in Isaiah’s beautiful phrase, as we joyfully remind each other of these truths, we are drawing water from the wells of salvation. So let all the thirsty come and drink in this good news!

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Visited and Redeemed

When Zechariah’s tongue is loosed, he sings a glorious song of praise celebrating the visitation of God. God was faithful to His promises to Abraham and David and so brought salvation to Israel. This salvation takes the form of deliverance from enemies and forgiveness of sins. Once delivered and forgiven, Israel is now free to serve God without fear, in holiness and righteousness. In the beautiful concluding poetic image, the dawn breaks over Israel, and those who were sitting in darkness and shadows are now able to step into the light and follow the path to peace.

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Remembering David

Psalm 132 calls on God to remember David’s zeal to establish a dwelling place for God, and how the news spread that God had a resting place in Zion where He could be worshiped. Because of David’s love for God, God swore to establish David’s line in perpetual kingship, making the city of Zion a place where provisions, praise, and peace would always abound. As you come to worship today, rejoice that God remembered David and brought these priestly and kingly aspects together in David’s Son Jesus, who reigns over us as king forever, and who has made us into a holy temple for His praise.

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