Review: Leaders Who Last

Leaders Who Last (Re: Lit Books)Leaders Who Last by Dave Kraft
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Solid, clear stuff. His central idea early on is that character is more important than competence, and he is correct. Without dropping the latter, much more focus needs to be put on the former. It can’t be enough to say “He’s an excellent teacher”, when the rest of his life is marked by pride and smallness of soul, or “He really instills a passion in others”, when his family is a wreck. I’d like a little more work done basing the ideas in Scripture, and maybe a couple of the inspiring stories and plaque-worthy aphorisms could be dropped, but overall, a helpful read.

I don’t think Richard Baxter would take kindly to Kraft’s suggestion that the pastor should focus more on the potentially influential than the soul-sick.

Another helpful section to add would apply some of these lessons to small churches that only have one pastor and a couple elders, and not a “leadership team”.

Kraft helpfully emphasizes vision-casting as something that often gets overlooked. A charismatic leader can charge ahead on a wonderful project, only to see it melt away beneath him as soon as he can no longer make it his focus, because he was the only one who knew where he was going. A good leader, by contrast, will invest time in explaining the goal, and keeping it in front of his people, so that he can soon leave it in capable hands as he moves further on.

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