Review: To A Thousand Generations

To A Thousand GenerationsTo A Thousand Generations by Douglas Wilson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It’s easy to tell that Wilson used to be Baptist – he understands the Baptist position, and nods to it in many places (role of the Spirit in the NC, limitations of the OC, faith in Christ as the only instrument of justification, etc.), acknowledging their concerns, but unafraid to challenge their preferred interpretations.

One of the most significant differences between credo/paedo is the understanding of covenant: For credo, the NT covenant is made with believers only, and has no sanctions, or covenant curses. Wilson’s response points out not only the places in the NT which indicate that the new covenant does indeed have teeth in response to apostasy, but also, in Wilson’s major contribution, points out that this would involve the mass excommunication of all of Israel’s children. He then points out that if this is the case, then it is a classic example of a deafening silence if no one said anything. All the Jewish kids who couldn’t pass the Baptist faith exam are excommunicated, and no one complains? Hmm.

This is an argument from silence, of course, not particularly weighty logically speaking, but historically, almost inconceivable. Not only are the Gentiles brought in without having to be Jewish, but huge numbers of the Jews are out, even from faithful families?

Not the only one to read on the issue, but definitely one that should be read, and a great one to start with.

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