Review: A Nail Through the Heart

A Nail Through the Heart
A Nail Through the Heart by Timothy Hallinan
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Okay thriller. Started with a Cussleresque opening episode, but the integration with the rest of the narrative was a little jarring. Rafferty is a fun character, but not a Bourne.

Disgusting sexual deviancy forms the heart of the novel, which the Thai setting somewhat justifies, but it is a little worrisome that there aren’t any other sins left in the world that we can agree to hate.

Rose is a little facile as the golden-hearted hooker, but Miaow and Superman are truly interesting characters that complicate the story in a good way. Saddling your main character with a couple street urchins is new to me, and set the novel apart. But if I was reviewing Poke as an adoptive father, I would have to turn him down in a heartbeat.

I didn’t see Poke’s final move coming, and give Hallinan props for the surprise. Well done.

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