Welcome! You’re Leading Worship Today…

You may have noticed that we don’t have a choir. Or, more accurately, you may have noticed that by coming here today, you’ve joined the choir. If God is going to be praised here today, you will have to participate. So meditate on your responsibility to sing praise to Jesus, and let His worthiness matter more to you than your ability to sing, or lack thereof. Refusing to sing is not a blessing to those around you, despite all jokes to the contrary. It is disobedience. As the hymn puts it, “Let every heart refuse to sing that never knew our God.” Your sung praise is part of your confession of faith: even if you never sing anywhere else, or in the presence of anyone else, something special happens here that causes praise to well up in your heart, and find expression on your lips. So prepare your heart now to sing to Jesus, by meditating on who He is, and what He has done for you. But if you are thinking of singing as a burden, or nothing more than a duty, then rebuke your heart. The forgiven heart is one that cannot help but sing. Don’t sing because you have to; sing because you love Jesus!

He’s listening.

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