Review: Her Hand in Marriage

Her Hand in Marriage
Her Hand in Marriage by Douglas Wilson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Clear and provocative intro to biblical relationships. Wilson is not championing one possible method among many, but explaining the biblical principles that undergird the marriage process. These principles need to be applied differently in different situations, but cannot be ignored if God is to be honored in the way a man takes a woman to wife. Wilson articulates a vision in which a covenantal structure provides freedom and protection for a young woman under the loving authority of her father, while challenging young men to step up and take risks in pursuing a godly wife. He roots these patterns in Scripture, clears away wrong principles with a firm but gracious hand, and refutes stupid ideas with biting wit. Parents will be challenged, humbled, and encouraged, young women will be strengthened and given peaceful confidence, and young men will be scared out of their folly and exhorted to play the man.

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One Response to Review: Her Hand in Marriage

  1. Rachel Bowen says:

    Love this review and book! Again quite the wordsmith!:)

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