Getting Ready for Church is Impossible

Maybe your battle this morning was getting the kids ready, or getting breakfast ready, or just getting out of bed. Or maybe everything went quite well, and every step of your 72 point plan called “Getting To Church” was executed perfectly, and here you are, cheerful and ready. But whether you are complaining or thanking God for how this morning went, you should be amazed that you are here at all. Think for a moment about what it took for God to get you ready for church this morning. You were dead in your trespasses and sins. You once followed the course of this world, and only woke up on Sunday mornings in order to worship yourself. God in Christ had to forsake the glory of heaven, spend His royal life as a servant to sinners, and undergo a brutal death in order to prepare you for this moment. You, here, now, preparing to worship, are the result of plans made in eternity past, and carried out over thousands of years.  Multiply all the factors that went into your preparation this morning by infinity, and marvel at the God who governs every detail in the universe, and uses them all to bring glory to Jesus Christ.

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