Righteous Rule

King David exults in God because of the gifts He has showered down on him. From God’s hand comes long life, riches, splendor, and majesty, as well as justice, protection, and vengeance. In particular, however, Psalm 21 highlights the strength of God in being able to outfit a king. It is no small feat to make a king, because God doesn’t merely appoint him, but also lavishes kingly gifts on him until the whole world is astonished. As we gather today  to celebrate the kingship of our Lord Christ, let us praise God with louder songs than David ever sang: David received long life; Christ lives forever! David received a glorious house in a beautiful city; Christ inherits the whole earth! David defeated the Philistines with God’s help; Christ overcame death, the last enemy! Let us rejoice in the strength of our Lord and King!

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