7 Reasons Why I’m Not Worried About the End of the World

As many of you have heard, the 5,125 year Mayan calendar ends tomorrow, leading many to speculate that this ancient people meant this as a prediction of the end of the world. News reports have circulated that many people are taking this seriously enough to do something about it. After being asked about it a couple times this week, I figured I’d better do something about it, too. So here are seven reasons why I’m not doing anything other than laughing at those who know better, praying for those who have been misled into folly, and writing this list:

  1. We’ve seen this before, and with a 0% success rate. Sure, one day the end will come, but nobody has a good enough track record at predicting it to warrant a second glance. Plus, we know the reason why:
  2. Jesus said that no one knows that information, except the Father. If the Mayans have known for thousands of years, then Jesus was wrong. Personally, as much respect as I have for a civilization that created a five thousand year calendar, I’m sticking with the man who made the world, bought it back with his blood, and is currently sitting at God’s right hand running the world. Call me crazy.
  3. I feel fine. (Special thanks to REM)
  4. There’s a great restaurant there. (Special thanks to Douglas Adams)
  5. My survivalist friends will take care of me. They’ve been watching countless zombie movies, nuclear meltdown movies, and man-against-nature movies. My buddies have guns, generators, food-like substances, bug-out bags, fake passports, underground bunkers, instructions on how to perform the top ten basic surgical procedures using plastic knives from Burger King, etc. Well, maybe not all of those things, but I’m pretty comfortable with their level of preparation.
  6. The Mayans themselves don’t believe it. Huh. Makes you stop and think. Well, it makes some people stop and think.
  7. If the world ends tomorrow, I’m ready. Jesus Christ has redeemed the world from sin through His atoning death on the cross, washed me clean personally in baptism, and promised me a place in the new world. I’ve put my faith in the God who keeps His Word. He has promised eternal life to all those who trust in Him, and He always keeps His promises. When He flooded the world, He saved His people. When He destroyed Jerusalem, He saved His people. He always saves His people when He makes things new! And get this: He’s actually brought the beginning of the new world into the middle of the old one, such that believers aren’t even part of the old order of things anyway. If you are in Christ, you are a new creation, part of the new world that Christ is making, even as the old one crumbles away. So while I’m confident that the world won’t end tomorrow, or anytime soon, I’m ready if it does. For me, to continue in this world is Christ, to live fully in the new world is gain.


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