Delighting In Your Neighbor’s Righteousness

As Psalm 35 unfolds, David’s suffering is revealed to be the rotten fruit of deep-rooted envy. Responding poorly to David’s godly habit of thanking God in the midst of the congregation, David’s foes hate him, his righteousness, and his blessed life. Since God won’t cut him down, they think, we’ll have to do it ourselves. But for his part, David has been interceding for his enemies as if they were family. Now he prays that God will frustrate their plans. This is love of enemies in action: love prays that sin will fail. David calls us to a better way: instead of enviously sabotaging God’s favorites, we should make it our habit to rejoice when God blesses others. Do the people worshiping God around you look happier, seem more blessed, or more joyful in the Lord than you feel? Kill envy by delighting in their righteousness.

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