Apologetic Boomstick

Arnobius has rambled quite a bit in Against the Heathen, but when he buckles down and foreshadows Lewis’ idea of “chronological snobbery”, false gods are shattered:

But our rites are new; yours are ancient, and of excessive antiquity, we are told. And what help does that give you, or how does it damage our cause and argument? The belief which we hold is new; some day even it, too, will become old: yours is old; but when it arose, it was new and unheard of. The credibility of a religion, however, must not be determined by its age, but by its divinity; and you should consider not when, but what you began to worship. Four hundred years ago, my opponent says, your religion did not exist. And two thousand years ago, I reply, your gods did not exist.

ANF 6: Fathers of the Third Century, Seven Books of Arnobius Against the Heathen, II.71, pg. 461.

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